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September 18, 2014

This page is not representative of the actual state of affairs. In 2004 I was trying to understand what G. I. Shipov could have in mind. Today I believe I undestand it much better. The summary of my today's understanding can be found in the following two papers written in 2014:

Comments on Chapter 5 of G. I. Shipov's ``A Theory of Physical Vacuum''. Part I

18-09-2014 Added Acknowledgnents.

Comments on Chapter 5 of G. I. Shipov's ``A Theory of Physical Vacuum''. Part II

18-09-2014 - added Section V and Acknowledgments.


The old, outdated notes are below

I have been busy writing pages on Shipov's torsion. They are not yet finished. They are being written to answer questions from Bill Page. Again Jack Sarfatti is promoting a theory that is false! Get Notes on Shipov in pdf format


Shipov is now (June 2004) talking about Ricci torsion, that needs to be distinguished from "Cartan's". I guess he means Nina Ricci?

There should also be Chanel torsion and Dior torsion. All French! I guess the formulas for all of them are trade secrets? Jack is not revealing them!



On 4 Jun 2004 at 17:41, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

> the much larger pdf version is at

I am finding the term "Ricci torsion" four times, but I can not find the

You define "Ricci rotation coefficients", but not "Ricci torsion".
Would you like to fix it?



New, as of June 6: Notes on torsion

Last modified on: June 6, 2004.

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