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All physical theories are useful only insofar as they boost human freedom by allowing us to use more of our hidden potential. We are using perhaps only 10% of our mental abilities, and most of our DNA, called today "junk DNA", is waiting to be awakened by the appropriate code giving human beings the ability to expand exponentially the arena and the scope of our perceptions and actions.

Science tells us that the Universe and the life in it will sooner or later end, either as the result of thermal death or, on the other extreme, due to a Big Crunch. These are just theories, and it seems to be so that they have arisen out of a Science that had already, as it seems, come to a dead end. There has been no essential progress in theoretical physics since the beginning of the 20-th century where the two main and contradictory theories: quantum theory and theory of relativity were created.

Physicists still do no know answers to the most important questions of our existence: What is consciousness? Where are the laws of nature coming from? What is reality?

Science has been corrupted, it has become an industry, an arm of the Military utilized primarily for dealing death and destruction on our planet, and this process is like a train speeding out of control toward a bridge that has been washed out by a mighty flood. The "truth" does not matter anymore. Greed and corruption rule science even if many scientists are sincere and well meaning.

Today we living in a corrupted society, corrupted to such an extent that the end of human civilisation is highly probable long before the "End of Everything" predicted by theoretical physicists; perhaps even in our lifetime. At the same time, synchronistically, the rate of "natural catastrophes" seems to be accelerating. We understand more and more that our human existence on the planet Earth is rather fragile and can end at any moment. A strike by an asteroid can annihilate most of the population of our planet, and evidence indicates that such can happen with literally no warning. A supernova explosion of a nearby star can all life on earth almost instantly. In this case there will be no warning at all. The star could have already exploded and the deadly radiation is already on the way towards us - with the speed of light.

Much closer to home, an eruption on the Sun, directed towards the Earth, can end nearly all life on our planet in the form that we know about (some sea creatures in the deep ocean may survive). Assigning probabilities to such events is simply meaningless. We do not know enough about the inner mechanisms inside our Sun or stars, we do not have means for shielding our planet from cosmic catastrophes.

And still we use science to build weapons, to kill and maim, to steal and starve others blithely ignoring the facts of history: he who digs a pit generally falls into it.

Then we have religions. They give us a different perspective, they give us hope: they talk about consciousness that transcends physical reality. But religions also tell us a lot of silly things and they have been the cause of probably more human deaths, cruelty and suffering than science and technology together. Religions have also been corrupted. Science ruled by religion or religion ruled by science seem to be equally deadly mixtures.

What to do then? This question occurs only to those that are not satisfied with being simply passive vitnesses and victims of the "unavoidable". This question occurs to those who understand that there is no such thing as "unavoidable", who understand that in a nonlinear universe the flap of a butterfly's wings in Brazil can set off a tornado in Texas. Even if today we may not be able to provide any constructive answer to these probalems of global importance, tomorrow we may acquire a different perspective and our questions may find their "Columbus solutions". Knowledge, too, is nonlinear. But for this a special approach is needed. All corruption in science and in religion have to be spotted and discarded. A healthy marriage of the exact methods science and of the mysterious esotericism is needed.

There is no other solution.

Plato Academy

Plato's Academy

In 387 BC in a grove in the suburbs of Athens, Plato founded his "Academy" - dedicated to the Attic hero Akademos (Hekademos). It was a garden area surrounded with a wall by Hipparchus, adorned with statues, temples, and sepulchres of illustrious men; planted with olive and plane trees. Individuals had come from all over Greece to pursue philosophy in the Akademeia, but Platon accepted only those "intoxicated to learn what was in their souls" (Olymp. Proll. ii 30-33).


Gurdjieff's Institute for the Harmonious Development of Man

In 1922 Georges Ivanovich Gurdjieff established his Institute for the Harmonious Development of Man at the Château Le Prieuré at Fontainebleau-Avon. The Prospectus stated the main reasons for it's creation:

[...] Owing to the conditions of modern life, man has departed from his original type, that is to say from the type he should have become by virtue of his surroundings: place, society and culture in which he was born and nurtured. By their very nature, these conditions marked out for man the paths of development and the final normal type to which he should have attained.

The civilizations of our time, with its unlimited means for extending its influence, has wrenched man from the normal conditions in which he should be living. It is true that civilization has opened up for man new paths in the domains of knowledge, science and economic life, and thereby enlarged his world perception. But, instead of raising him to a higher all-round level of development, Prieurecivilization has developed only certain sides of his nature to the detriment of other faculties, some of which it has destroyed altogether. Civilization has robbed man of the natural advantages of his type, without at the same time providing him with what was needed for the harmonious development of a new type. And from an individually finished man, normally adapted to the nature and the environment in which he was placed and which created him, civilization has produced a being, torn from his element, unfitted for life, and a complete stranger to all the conditions of his present mode of existence.[...]

The Institute had to be closed in 1933 as Gurdjieff himself was not able to escape from the "law of accident" - the art that he was trying to teach his students. The scientific principle was missing completely in the practice of the Institute, even if the teachings themselves had many intersections with the ideas from exact sciences. The factor of hyperdimensional reality was missing. Evidently neither the students nor the teacher were "ready" at that time.

Maharishi International University

In 1971 Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, supported by eminent figures such as Buckminster Fuller, started to work on the idea of creating a "consciousness-based Maharishi International University". Science and Management research and education was entangled with the obligatory practices of "Transcendental Meditation". Several first class physicists became interested and even deeply involved with the idea, John Hagelin, for instance. With time the movement gained in popularity and, at the same time, created more and more controversy. According to the official prospectus"goldendom

Today, Maharishi University of Management is a widely known and respected institution. From its organic food service to its cutting-edge scientific research, the University has become a model for other universities throughout the world. After years of expansion and transformation, the University’s goal still reflects the vision Maharishi expressed more than three decades ago:

“Higher consciousness should be the goal of higher education, and success in every undertaking should be the achievement of every educated man and woman.”

Yet it seems that even here, the research that is promoted is only supported when it supports the ideas of its founder. The deep understanding of the human condition and the need of dramatic and fast changes in the face of incoming catastrophes is missing. The scope and the level of research is rather shallow. Physicists like John Hagelin and L.H. Domash are trying to describe "transcendental meditation states" in terms of "zero-entropy quantum vacuum" state without ever worrying about the fact that quantum theory itself is a mystery that needs to be understood and a puzzle that needs to be solved.

TM has claimed that advanced practitioners can levitate. But video of the practice actually shows that they are bouncing up and down off mats while sitting cross- legged. "I was a levitator," said Knapp, who now lives in Sonoma, where he has started Trancenet, a World Wide Web site critical of TM. "But actually you jump up and down on your butt," said Knapp, who said the practice has left him with arthritis in his knees and lower-back problems. (source)

Thus TM seems to be not the way ....

Perimeter Institute

In 1999 Mike Lazaridis, President and Co-CEO of Research In Motion (RIM) and the entrepreneur behind the BlackBerry®, funded the Perimeter Institute. Publicly launched on October 23, 2000 in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, it commenced in October 2001 with a core group of ninePerimeter Institute world-class physicists pursuing research in quantum gravity, string theory, quantum information theory and foundations of quantum mechanics. Lazaridis donated originally $20 million to the Institute, then an additional $80 million. Financial support has since been granted by the Canada Foundation for Innovation, the Ontario Innovation Trust, the Ontario Research and Development Challenge Fund, the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario. The research level at the institute is good, yet it is primarily oriented towards the development of technology and bringing future profits:

"What we have and enjoy today is a result of physics discoveries," Lazaridis explains. "Maxwell's equations are an example of physics discoveries that have been commercialized. Marconi invented wireless transmissions from Maxwell's discoveries."
The human factor is missing, the scope is again narrowed to that of "accepted science". The main current of the research at the PI is towards "quantum computing" and "quantum cryptography" with main applications in the military technology. We've already done that and that is part of the problem.

Quantum Future Academy of Wisdom

Plato's Academy seems to be the best and the purest example of what is needed today: a robust mixture of human values - including what is referred to as spirit or consciousness - and the scientific method. In short, a scientific approach to not only those "intoxicated to learn what was in their souls" but those intoxicated to learn what is in the "soul of the Universe."

Plato had no liking for the time in which he lived. His aim was not to revive the Athens of the past, but to build a new "republic" or order, and of "philosopher kings," who genuinely desired to discover the forms or Platonic ideas of the mind. Guided by Socrates, this "education" would follow a process which did not teach. Instead, what needed to be done was to train individuals to recollect the knowledge that is, and always has been, within. (source)

In Republic VII, after describing the Allegory of the Cave, Plato concludes:

And the only life which looks down upon the life of political ambition is that of true philosophy. Do you know of any other?

- Indeed, I do not, he said.

And those who govern ought not to be lovers of the task? For, if they are, there will be rival lovers, and they will fight.

- No question.

Who then are those whom we shall compel to be guardians? Surely they will be the men who are wisest about affairs of State, and by whom the State is best administered, and who at the same time have other honors and another and a better life than that of politics?

- They are the men, and I will choose them, he replied.

And now shall we consider in what way such guardians will be produced, and how they are to be brought from darkness to light, --as some are said to have ascended from the world below to the gods?

- By all means, he replied.

The process, I said, is not the turning over of an oyster-shell, but the turning round of a soul passing from a day which is little better than night to the true day of being, that is, the ascent from below, which we affirm to be true philosophy.

And should we not inquire what sort of knowledge has the power of effecting such a change?

- Quite so.

That sort of knowledge has the power of turning round of a soul passing from a day which is little better than night to the true day of being?

As we know all too well by now, this process cannot be accomplished by institutionalized and politically manipulated "science" and it is most definitely not accomplished by a biased and narrow-minded religion or a spiritual doctrine. We need an advanced knowledge and we need an Academy of Wisdom, where such knowledge can be relentlessly sought and where the principles of such seeking and such knowledge would be taught to the fearless truth seeking students.

Quantum Future Institute

The seed has already been planted. The roots are there. What is needed is a nourishment proper, so that the tree can grow and resists the winds. Finally it can take all the life on Earth under its shelter.

Some fifteen years ago, an internationally known Polish theoretical physicist, Arkadiusz Jadczyk, at that time professor at the University of Wroclaw, Head of the Division of Nonlinear Dynamics and Complex Systems, launched an ambitious and innovative interdisciplinary research project "Quantum Future". It grew and developed rapidly bringing new advances in quantum theory and new perspectives on applied quantum technologies. The first international conference, “Quantum Future,” organized in September 1997, by A. Jadczyk and Philippe Blanchard (University of Bielefeld, Germany), brought together top experts from all over the world. The topics discussed ranged from Quantum Philosophy, Mind-Matter Synthesis, and Quantum Chaos to Quantum Brain, Quantum Information, Quantum Optics of Single Atoms, and Superluminal Quantum Tunneling. Each of these subjects opens windows of opportunities towards radically new advances and projects in various areas of environmental protection, safety and technology of the Future.

In 1996 Jadczyk met his present wife, Laura, writer, historian, and student of philosophy and the mind, and, since then, they have joined their forces in a fruitful and happy marriage of Science and the Mysterious.

Science itself, without divine inspiration, dries out or becomes corrupted and derailed. On the other hand the Mystic, at some point, desperately needs the methods of Science and Technology. The reasons for that are described in numerous mystical and religious texts and, in particular, in Gurdjieff's teaching and in Mouravieff's Gnosis.

Laura was, by her truth seeking nature, naturally directed towards the methods and concepts of Science in her own studies and in the superluminal communication experiment that resulted in thousands of pages known today as "Cassiopaean transmissions from the Future." The two key phrases of the transmissions were "Knowledge Protects. Ignorance Endangers" and "All is lessons." As in the allegory of Plato's cave the central thesis of the Cassiopaean message is that the three dimensional reality we perceive as "ours" is only a shadow, or a surface, of a much deeper multidimensional realm that is potentially available to advanced forms of life - even human beings who can achieve the requisite growth of consciousness. Another core theme of the Transmissions is that human history proceeds in cycles, with periodic intermissions by macrocosmic quantum jumps. When any given cycle comes to its completion, special circumstances arise that give us a new opportunity to grow and expand our boundaries of being. On the other hand these periods of global decadence of the society bring the expansion and intensification of factors aiming at the suppression of the search for real knowledge.

There is much data strongly suggesting the very high probability that we are living in such times. It is also the first time in our currently recorded history that humanity has acquired the ability to destroy itself totally "In the Twinkling of an Eye" with the weapons it has created via science - both nuclear and biological.

At the same time human minds that can perceive these ethical issues are being destroyed by the mass culture of greed and corruption, by the media controlled by money and by power hungry politicians, who use corrupted religions to manipulate the masses.

Yet, as the ancient stories tell us, it seems that during such critical times, there is a hope that an equivalent of the Ark of Noah can be built by common efforts of those who have pure hearts and the will to make every effort for supporting the search for the Truth.

Networking together, all over the world, sharing data and knowledge, brainstorming, setting short and long-term research projects, providing the necessary logistics - all that needs a formal and a material structure - The Quantum Future Institute, which, in the future can grow into a New Platonic Academy of Advanced Knowledge. The new and unique factor in this institution would be the marriage of the scientific and esoteric principles, balanced and intertwined.

Various mystical and philosophical doctrines stress the necessity of "Know thyself" principle; stress the role of consciousness and the fact that there are unlimited resources of knowledge and wisdom within ourselves. While we agree with these principles, at the same time we also urgently stress the fact that today this is not enough! In fact this was the main error of the Gnostics, and of the followers of the Fourth Way as taught by Gurdjieff and Ouspensky.

Working on one's-self is not enough if it is not accompanied by an effective external action. Pure meditation without the effective action is delusional and detrimental in today's reality. Man is a machine, but man is not ONLY a machine. The New Man, the man of the Future must develop those faculties which are not mechanistic, which allow him to use the greatest gift ever given to him - Free Will Through Expanded Consciousness.

Science today does not understand what Free Will is. Science today does not even know what Consciousness is. Physicists are discussing this concept more and more often, yet they are not ready for a major expansion of the scope of their inquiries.

In September 2005 Laura and Ark Jadczyk attended the conference organized by the International Center of Theoretical Physics in Trieste, Italy. The Center was founded by a Pakistani-orn Nobel Prize winning physicist: Abdus Salam, and is sponsored by UNESCO and the International Atomic Commission Agency. There were two major subjects discussed at the conference: "Are there quantum jumps?" and "On the present status of quantum mechanics".

The final result of this conference, whose speakers included the famous mathematician Sir Roger Penrose, physicist Steven Adler from the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton, philosopher David Albert from Columbia University at New York, three physicists representing the Perimeter Institute, and many others, was that quantum theory is still a mystery today, a puzzle that offers unprecedented advances in technology and in our Weltshau, but which is not yet understood.

At this conference, physicists discussed, more seriously than ever before, various theories and possible consequences of quantum jumps - unpredictable events that may be behind what we consider our Reality - Macrocosmic Quantum Jumps.

Ark and Laura Jadczyk were writing about macrocosmic quantum jumps already for years. Ark developed a new, "Event Enhanced Quantum Theory", in short, EEQT, that allows us to have a deeper insight into the nonlocal mechanisms that Nature is making use of in such catastrophic events.

But the research goes much deeper. The next necessary step in the research is a coupling of matter fields with information fields. Such a coupling, incorporating both gravity and quantum phenomena, crosses the boundary of space and time, suggests a possibility of telepathic connections, and developing a technology that allows for looking into the past and into the future, for space and time travel where distance does not really matter. The key words are "quantum non-locality", "quantum probability" and "quantum information."

While the general shape of the future theory is clear, the devil (as always), is in the details, and to sort out these details real "help from the future" is needed. Quantum Future School is, in this respect, different than other research centers working towards a similar goal. It is the only combination of serious scientific methods, as exemplified by Arks' research, with a creative vision of deep esoteric principles and studies of ancient teachings, as is the case with Laura's quest for the Truth at the spiritual realm. Quantum Future Institute

The results of their joint work, over the past nine years is the network pool of over 150 members of the Quantum Future Group, scattered across the globe. There are multiple web sites ( www.cassiopaea.org, www.cassiopaea.com, signs-of-the-times.org, quantumfuture.net, www.qfgpublishing.com), books publications and workshops. All of these are conducted according to the original principles: that Knowledge Protects and should be shared, that Truth is the highest value, that Ignorance Endangers.

The constellation of Cassiopaean has the shape of the letter W. W stands for Wisdom. Reversed, W becomes M. M stands for "Madrosc" - which is "wisdom" in Polish. And Wisdom is nothing else but "Knowledge Applied".