Gallery of fractal images from the paper
"Quantum Jumps, EEQT and the Five Platonic Fractals"

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Gallery of fractal images from the upcoming new paper:

Quantum Jumps with Indefinite Metric. Hyperbolic Quantum Fractals

Abstract: Event Enhanced Quantum (EEQT) allows for simulation of an individual quantum system on which a simultaneous measurement of several noncommuting observables is being performed. Such a coupling of a quantum system to the measuring devices causes chaotic quantum jumps and fractal-like pattern generation (via nonlinear IFS) on the manifold of quantum states (usually complex projective plane). The simplest example is a 2-dimensional comlex Hilbert space, which leads to fractals on the two-sphere. A short introduction into the subject will be given. It will be then shown that EEQT algorithm works also with indefinite metric, and that here are no negative probabilities. Symmetric configurations of detectors will be shown to generate quantum fractals on the Poincare disk.

Quantum Mandalas

Images generated by our Readers:

Johnno :

Annoucing: Quantum Fractals Competition

We will publish here the best graphics based on the quantum fractal algorithm.

We will also appreciate sending us new configurations of vectors n[i]

that lead to especially beautiful or interesting fractals. There are many so called

"uniform polyhedra", but there are also other balanced (thatt is the vectors add to zero vector)

configurations that may prove to be intereting.

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