Ancient Science

(NOTICE: For previous buyers, this selection was formerly entitled: Ascension, The True Quest for the Holy Grail. This volume is updated with over a hundred pages of additional material, and an exhaustive index.

Praise for Ancient Science:

I am a cross-disciplinary scientist. My main scientific books have been in establishing a second-order-economics (Dr. philos. on a thesis written in 1984-85; this subject being my main scientific occupation and speciality for ten years), core philosophy (innovative work in ontology, epistemology, causality, information theory), and "the transcendental turn" of recent cutting edge science. I have held positions as associate professor in sociology, and (nowadays) in anthropology. I also hold a position as professor related to the natural sciences (I prefer to call it supra-physics) at a high level research organization abroad.

In the spring of 2000, my most important scientific inspiration from recent years was from complexity theory, cybernetics and bohmian science, along with my own, autonomous research. Since then I have come to terms with a lot of explosive new knowledge and theory, especially in the natural sciences, on a broad range of matters.

Last summer I read your book Ancient Science.

This may very well have been the most influential book I have ever read, and in my opinion one of the most important books ever written.

It is not possible for a sound - open and critical - mind to read this book without changing a lot of basic opinions about the history of civilizations, biological evolution, religion and politics; and what the heck is going on in this world NOW.

The existence and some key operators from hyperdimensional intelligence is very well argued by autonomous reflection, a mountain of important facts, and a wealth of references to literature not easy to overview or find. Very important here is the manipulations by reductive indoctrination into the existence of only linear/successive time, camoflaging the existence of cyclic and holographic time. Connected to this is also the argument for the Grail theme being replayed through the civilizations as a strange attractor, and in sharper ways as the civilization reaches maturity.

This book changed the horizon of my life in some important regards, delivering some key bits to the greater puzzle. During my reading it became increasingly plausible to me that human life is embedded in a system of higher meaning, invisible without an extraordinary effort, in some analogy to the invisibility for the little child of ordinary language overlaying the world of objects and sense inputs.

The existence of such a higher system of meaning and the Fulcanelli art/science to explore it, is also consistent with Bohmian ontology, holographic flow of meaning in systems reaching a treshold of critical complexity, and with hyperstructural mathematics. Kabbalah seems to a be a more clumsy and static reflection of this higher system, while cabala plugs into the generative grammar of this higher language which to me seems to require the learning of some improvisational art of proprioception to the ordinary meaning system, including acknowledging an unknown and hidden order inseriousplay.

[Name withheld for privacy, professor at a European University]


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