List of Invited Lectures

Xth Max Born Symposium

"Quantum Future"

J. Audretsch: "Continuous Fuzzy Measurement of Energy."
I. Bialynicki-Birula: "Rotational Frequency Shift."
H. Carmichael: "Quantum Jumps Revisited: An Overview of QuantumTrajectory Theory."
D. Dürr: "Quantum Theory without Observer."
B. d'Espagnat: "Problems in Objectivising."
F.M.H. Faisal: "Deterministic Quantum Chaos and Breaking of the Time Reversal Symmetry."
R. Haag: "Objects, Events and Localization."
S. Haroche: "Decoherence of Schroedinger's Cat."
K. Hepp: "Towards a Demolition of a Functional Quantum Brain."
C. Kiefer: "Decoherence: Concepts and Examples."
J. Klauder: "Metrical Quantization."
B. Mielnik: "Quantum Measurement : walk in the dark."
G. Nimtz: "The Photonic Tunneling Analogy and Superluminal Tunneling Velocities."
R. Omnes: "Recent Advances in the Theory of Decoherence."
C. Piron: "The Quantum Theory as a Theory of the Vacuum Field."
H .P. Stapp: "Quantum Ontology and Mind-Matter synthesis."
A. Tonomura: "Dynamic Observation of Quantized Vortices in Superconductors Using Electron Waves."
G. Vitiello: "Quantum Dissipation and Brain Dynamics."
W. G. Unruh: "Problems in Measurerement of Time of Arrival."
H. Walther: "Quantum Phenomena in Single Atom Interaction."
H. Weinfurter: "Quantum Entanglement, Randomness and Information."

Time Schedule of Lectures

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