Bibliography of EEQT


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Blanchard, Ph. and Jadczyk, A.: "Strongly coupled quantum and classical systems and Zeno's effect", Phys. Lett. A 183 (1993) 272-276
(Here, for the first time, piecewise deterministic process describing individual systems is being mentioned. We wrote: " To the Liouville equation describing the time evolution of statistical states of Stot we will be in position to associate a piecewise deterministic process taking values in the set of pure states of Stot . Knowing this process one can answer all kinds of questions about time correlations of the events as well as simulate the behaviour of individual quantum-classical systems. Let us emphasize that nothing more can be expected from a theory without introducing some explicit dynamics of hidden variables. What we achieved is the maximum of what can be achieved, which is more than orthodox interpretation gives. There are also no paradoxes; we cannot predict, but we can simulate the behaviour of individual systems." At that time we didn't yet know under what conditions our PDP is unique. That is why we used the term "associated" with the Liouville equation, rather than "derived".)

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( A review paper. Describes the PDP process. States the problem: "How to determine state of an individual quantum system?" Describes a process on S2 which later was adapted for generation of quantum fractals.)

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